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The treatment plan is usually divided into three stages.

Acute Care

This type of care is aimed at resolving acute episodes of pain and dysfunction within the body. Usually a course of treatment will be given in a fairly short period of time. The treatment is aimed at reducing the dysfunction and minimising / removing the pain. Average amount of treatment for most people is 6-12 sessions up to a period of 2 months. As the condition improves treatments will be spaced further apart.

Rehabilitate Care

As the acute phase settles and the body stabilises, treatment will become less frequent. This type of treatment is aimed at maintaining the improvements and preventing further exacerbations of the initial problem.  Exercises will be introduced in order to stabilise and strengthen the body and spine. 

Wellbeing Care

When the Chiropractor is happy that the body is functioning optimally, chiropractic check-ups are often recommended in order to maintain the improvements and also to help prevent relapses of the original problem. Any issues can be detected and corrected before you start to experience pain and disability again.


"After going backwards and forwards to knee specialists with no luck, I was recommended to St Ives chiropractic clinic. Since then I've never looked back, knee ache is a thing of the past!"
Alisha T, St Ives