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Chiropractic is performed at the highest sporting level such as the Olympics, Premier league Football, PGA Golf Tour just to name a few.  At St Ives Chiropractic Clinic we understand the demands of sport and enjoy helping people reach their peak performances in their chosen discipline.

No matter what sport you do or what age you are at, your performance can be increased and your risk of injury significantly reduced through balanced biomechanics and spinal alignment. 

St Ives Chiropractic Clinic have good relations with local sports clubs and are proud to of helped many athletes to have reached their targets and goals. We look forward to continuing to assist the many dedicated sports individuals in the area.

Hoskins and Pollard (2010) The effect of a sports chiropractic manual therapy intervention on the prevention of back pain, hamstring and lower limb injuries in semi-elite Australian Rules footballers: a randomised controlled trial. 

This study demonstrated a trend towards lower limb injury prevention with a significant reduction in primary lower limb muscle strains and weeks missed due to non-contact knee injuries through the addition of a sports chiropractic intervention to the current best practice management.


"After going backwards and forwards to knee specialists with no luck, I was recommended to St Ives chiropractic clinic. Since then I've never looked back, knee ache is a thing of the past!"
Alisha T, St Ives